Friday, July 20, 2012

 "Want to Ride to Work With Strangers, North Texas? There Will Soon Be An App For That." is an article talking about an upcoming smartphone app by Eric Nicholson. He is an editor and was a one-time "America's Top Model" judge. In the article he talks about in efforts to be more green we already carpool with strangers, and soon there will be a smartphone app for that to help us. It also states the Government encourages carpooling with strangers to be more green. I disagree with the whole idea of carpooling with random people to help the environment. One thing I do agree with him is on what if the stranger might be a rapist, kidnapper or even a murderer? The missing person rate has increased from 150,000 in 1980 to 900,000 25 years later according to "Missing Persons Statistics and Facts" Also according to the numbers they have in "Want to Ride to Work With Strangers, North Texas? There Will Soon Be An App For That." states "NCTCOG launched a ride-sharing function on its website about 18 months ago that has led to 1,400 carpool matches between strangers" This is not a very big number,but  just off of the website we can tell that there is not a very big market for this, even if it is a free app. Yet the money to develop the app is coming form a Government grant. The app developers do not have any projections of how many people will even use the app. In my opinion the whole concept of riding with complete strangers is an awkward experience with little market for it. Even if people did use this app the impact it would have on the environment would be very little, and how can we trust a complete stranger to give free rides? We don't know if they are just that nice or have other incentives.

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