Friday, July 27, 2012

It is a fact that Austin, Texas is a rapidly growing city. According to the 2010 Census, Austin reached the 800,000 mark in population. It is also deemed 13h largest population in the U.S. With the ever expanding Austin it is about time that we expanded the metropolitan area. Expanding the metropolitan area will result in numbers of benefits to the economy, and to the people. Lets take Houston for example, they have a Downtown, Midtown, and an Uptown. This is reasonable because they have about 2 million people living there. If Austin expands its metropolitan area it can create a number of jobs, increase the population, and contribute to the economy.

First off by building new infrastructure, many companies and law firms would reach out a branch into Austin. When this happens many offices in a building will be up for lease and this is where the companies will move to Austin. This results in new jobs being created, and the plethora of students graduating from UT Austin each year don't have to move to another city such as Houston, Dallas, or Forth Worth for a job. There will be many occupations in need of workers right here. Also many people who might be unemployed can apply for a job in numerous places if we expand the area. Currently the unemployment rate in Austin is 5.4% which is 4% lower than the national average. This would most likely lower the unemployment rate as well. Not only would the jobs created bring workers from all around town, but from other cities as well thus increasing our population

Second when the metropolitan area increases, a number of living spaces will be present. With the population rising due to the number of jobs created, the area would also have to make new houses along with the office buildings to support all the people coming into town for work. Austin is already a diverse place, and with population growth it will become even more diverse. Then there will be a demand of certain buildings for certain religious affiliations. This would be covered as Austin develops and increases the metropolitan area.

Finally the economy will substantially rise. With the number of jobs and people increasing the more tax the city will receive. The tax revenue would go up because of taxes the people pay ranging from sales tax to taxes on there house. As private-sectors increase the more tax dollars flowing to the Government. So with the number of businesses growing the better the economy will be. 

Some places where more infrastructure can be built to increase the area is by 1431, and Parmer, near IKEA where there is a lot of empty land near there. If it is expanded it should be in North Austin. Downtown already has enough buildings and there is no room to build. If this occurs it could be a possible Uptown for Austin. If the metropolitan area expands maybe Austin will become an even bigger city, creating a number of jobs, increasing the population and helping the economy substantially. For all of these reasons Austin, Texas should increase the metropolitan area.

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