Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In the article "Analysis: With Cruz and Dewhurst, the loathing is personal " by Joe Holley he talks about the rising heat between candidates Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst who are seeking to be GOP choice to succeed the retiring U.S. Senator Hutchison. He explains what the candidates are attempting to achieve by throwing so much dirt on each other over the local media, and embeds quotes from the debate they recently had. The "madness" started when Cruz said that Dewhurst was throwing out false information over the media. Joe also writes that another great aspect of the debate was the two tried to show who is more conservative, talking about issues such as the 2nd amendment and the border patrol.

The author is trying to clear up some of the misconception we might have heard over the media, and the candidates view points so we can comprehend more. Although he is trying to stay neutral and not lean towards a certain side, we can see he favors Cruz. He demonstrates this when he uses a Ted Cruz quote he gave a hint of this by writing in a sympathetic manner for Cruz, and how he was accused of being unpatriotic. Then the author writes what Dewhurst's response to that was, and the author adds in that an audience member yelled out "not true." If he was attempting to be neutral he did not have to put that part in and could have left it out. Later in the article he writes that the audience favored Cruz. Coincidentally the person she interviewed at the end of the article happened to favor Cruz  This contradicts the point of the article to show who the candidates really are. If the author wanted to talk about Ted Cruz not lying that could have been a whole article by itself without the Dewhurst quotes and point of view and only adding the jabs made at Cruz, but that isn't the case. This means the author was trying to be equal, but did a poor job that. Atleast he tried. The author did use excellent evidence though to support the article. He used direct quotes from debate, and even and interview.

The audience he was aiming for was the average citizen who has seen these commercials of the candidates insulting each other. I have seen some commercials which have been sponsored David Dewhurst and him making some claims about Cruz, and they have been pretty harsh. There are about three or four different commercials making jabs at Cruz. I have only seen one commercial by Cruz. The audience the author writes to is people like me who have seen these commercials and do not know what is really going on. He did a sufficient job of clearing things up. I now understand more about this topic. Even though the article may be Cruz biased it is good enough to clear misconceptions up.

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