Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This article is talking about a new toll road, Texas 130, being built in Texas. It is interesting and worth reading because this a billion dollar project and has been under construction since 2009. The articles mainly focuses on how the dry weather and droughts in Texas cause cracks in 41 miles of the road which have totaled $30 million just to fix the cracks, and brings the total cost to $1.3 billion.  Luckily though this will not slow down the opening of the road.The opening date of the road will be announced in a about a month. They are also working very carefully on the road so that in the future they do not have fix later cracks and slow down traffic. This project also show that the road is most likely being built because it is estimated that the population of Texas is going to grow and that as a state we are advancing and need more infrastructure.

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