Monday, August 13, 2012

 I read  Scott's blog recently and found his post about gas prices really interesting. In his post he mentioned a possibility of switching to electric cars, and I focused mainly on that and expanded on it. Here is my comment.

  I agree with you that gas prices are increasing to gruesome amounts, but I do not think that a switch  to electric/alternative fueled cars would be a simple task. As you said above that any attempt is better than no attempt. Currently electric cars do not look so great, which is probably an incentive people do not buy them. Anyways Telsa Motors ( is making series of electric cars that actually look nice, and is appealing to the customers. This could soon help with the switch.
  Also the Government is trying to make incentives of electric cars, due to the problem you stated above. One of them is to give up to $7500 in tax credit for those who buy electric cars. Right now it is an ongoing situation.  Recently the funding Obama originally planned for the electric car companies severely decreased ( as of June 2nd. The article also says many companies that were/are planning to make electric cars either haven't made their first delivery yet, gone out of business, or stopped production. So far the switch over to electric cars is not going very smoothly, with a lot of bumps in the road (no pun intended). I am not saying there are currently no electric cars, but just not a majority, because there are currently electric cars.
  If we can make a successful switch to electric cars then we would not have to rely on the Middle East for gas as much, and people with these cars can avoid the high prices. This will diffidently take a while for a major switch and to break the monopoly, but for now most of our nation is stuck with having to use the expensive gas. 

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